Barry Padolsky - President

Barry Padolsky
B. Arch., M. Sc. (Urban Design), OAA, FRAIC, RCA, CAHP, President

Barry Padolsky is the founder and president of Barry Padolsky Associates Inc., Architects.  He has led his firm since 1969 in an architectural, planning, and heritage consulting practice based in Ottawa.  Barry has led the design and execution of over 160 architectural projects, including new public and community buildings, commercial and residential architecture, and the restoration, renovation, or adaptive re-use of historic buildings.  He has also served as the architectural heritage specialist for 5 heritage bridges in the City of Ottawa.

Barry has been the architectural principal for the restoration, renovation and/or adaptive re-use of over 50 buildings “classified” or “recognized” by FHBRO, or designated by the City of Ottawa under Part 4 or Part 5 of the Ontario Heritage Act.  He has managed complex architectural or urban planning projects involving joint-venture projects, multi-phase renovations and restorations. Padolsky has 45 years of experience steering projects through the complexities of the PWGSC, FHBRO, the National Capital Commission’s ACPDR, and City of Ottawa regulatory and approval environments.  Barry is currently the vice-chair of the Ottawa Built Heritage Sub-committee.

Louise McGugan - Partner

Louise McGugan
B. Arch., OAA, MRAIC, CAHP, Partner

Louise McGugan is an Ottawa-based architect and heritage consultant with 33 years of professional experience (30 years with BPA).  Louise specializes in leading architectural teams as Project Architect on the restoration, renovation and adaptive re-use of existing buildings, many of which are “classified” or “recognized” by FHBRO, or designated by the City of Ottawa under Part 4 or Part 5 of the Ontario Heritage Act.  She has also been the Project Architect on several new construction projects, overseeing all aspects of the work.

Louise’s expertise includes: completing conceptual, schematic, design development, and construction drawings and specifications; undertaking site review and contract administration services; overseeing commissioning; and post construction and project close-out services.  She also has extensive experience preparing building condition reports, heritage conservation reports, and cultural heritage impact statements.

Michael Kelly - Partner

B. Arch., OAA, OAQ, MRAIC (bilingual), Partner

Michael Kelly has been a senior member of Barry Padolsky Associates Inc. Architects since January, 1990.  As a certified OAA and OAQ architect, his responsibilities as Project Architect include services for all phases of the design and construction of the project (both new and renovation).

Michael’s experience includes undertaking initial site visits; creating project schedules and budget assessments; preparing feasibility studies; completing conceptual, schematic design, design development and construction document drawings; translation of construction documents (Mike Kelly is fluent in both official languages and certified with the OAQ and OAA); preparation of detailed specifications; submitting necessary drawings and documentation to all approving agencies for appropriate permits; undertaking site review and contract administration services during construction; over-seeing commissioning; and post construction and project close-out services.

Danica Lau - Intern Architect

B. Arch., M. Arch., O.A.A. Intern

Erica Mitchell - Intern Architect

B.A.H., M. Arch., O.A.A. Intern

Michael Labine - Senior Technologist

Dip. Arch. Tech.

Matthew Scott - Junior Technologist

Dip. Arch. Tech.

Alix Laimite - Office Manager

Ursula Clarkson - Accountant