List of Residential Projects



Frechette House Fire Damage Restoration (2015)
87 Mackay Street, Ottawa, Ontario

273-275 Sussex House Relocation and Restoration (2015)
Ottawa, Ontario

170 Lees Avenue Envelope Redesign and Replacement (2014)
Ottawa, Ontario

Strathcona on the Parc – 10 unit Renovation and Infill (2010)
Ottawa, Ontario

Ghost Hill Farm Renovation and Addition (2010)
Ottawa, Ontario

368 Dalhousie Penthouse Addition (2010)
Ottawa, Ontario

Sandy Hill Retirement Residence – Renovation of St. Pierre School as 63 unit retirement home (1998)
353 Friel Street, Ottawa, Ontario

Condominium Guiges – 14 units in a Mixed Use Redevelopment with Centre de Jour Guiges (1997)
Ottawa, Ontario

The Grange – Restoration after Fire (1993)
Cantley, Quebec

Martin House Renovations (1992)
369 Avondale Avenue, Ottawa

Nelson House: circa 1850 (1991)
Shelter for Victims of Family Violence
Nepean, Ontario

Cassey House Renovations (1991)
200 Cartier Street, Ottawa

Panet House Restoration and Rehabilitation (includes office uses) (1989)
189 Laurier Avenue East, Ottawa

Bradley House Renovation (1987)
39 Delaware Avenue, Ottawa

211-213 Bruyere Street Renovation (1985)
Ottawa, Ontario

49-51 St. Andrew Street Restoration and Renovation (1985)
Ottawa, Ontario

145-147 Strathcona Avenue Residential Restoration and Conversion (1984)
Ottawa, Ontario

York/Dalhousie Development Restoration and Renovation (1984)
York Street and Dalhousie, Ottawa

580-582 Chapel Street Restoration after Fire (1974)
Ottawa, Ontario


Waters Residence – Preliminary Design (2015)
600 Minto Place, Rockcliffe Park

Levy Solarium (2008)
Ottawa, Ontario

Falling Waters – 13 storey, 48 Unit Apartment Building (2002)
Ottawa, Ontario
Client: Claridge Homes

263-275 Cathcart Street -8 townhouses (1997)
Ken McConkey, Ottawa

Brigadier’s Walk – 24 Town homes (1996)
Ottawa, Ontario
Client: Domicile Developments Inc.

Clarence Dalhousie Redevelopment – Commercial Residential Mixed Use, 19Units (1993)
Ottawa, Ontario
Client: Linejac Development Inc.

Four Town houses on Glen & Seneca (1988)
Ottawa, Ontario
Client: Clark Cada Construction

Don Hewson House (1985)
Nepean, Ontario

Hale House (1976)
Gloucester, Ontario

Meirens House (1974)
Rockcliffe, Ontario

F. Mayrs House (1965)
Aylmer, Quebec

A. Padolsky House (1962)
Winnipeg, Manitoba




Shefford Heritage Housing Co-operative Inc. (37 Units) (1993)
300 Cooper Street, Ottawa

54 Renovated Apt. Units (1989)
1992 Strathcona Heights
Client: City of Ottawa Non-Profit Housing Corporation


Pallister Court – 62 Housing Units (2007)
Ottawa, Ontario
Client: Nepean Housing Corporation

Hartman’s/OCHC Mixed Use Development – 60 apartment units (2004)
Ottawa, Ontario
Client: Ottawa Community Housing Corporation

Farnworth Manor Homes – 76 “Manor Home” Housing Units (2002)
Ottawa, Ontario
Client: Nepean Housing Corporation

P.D. Clark Long Term Care Centre (2001)
Bungalows (Dementia Care Facility for 48 residents)
Ottawa, Ontario

Carver Place – 63 Townhouses (1995)
Mathewson Road, Gloucester Ontario
Client: Gloucester Non-Profit Housing Corporation

Thorncliffe Village – 61Stacked Townhouses (1992)
Burma Road, Ottawa Ontario
Client: City of Ottawa Non-Profit Housing Corporation

St.JamesStreet – 34 Family Housing Units (1992)
Client: Almonte Community Development Corporation

St.George’s Housing Co-operative – 69 Units including Renovation of Existing Houses (1992)
10 Henderson Avenue, Ottawa Ontario

Ken Steele Court – 37 Townhouses (1991)
Orleans, Ontario
Client: Gloucester Non-Profit Housing Corporation

64 Unit Senior Citizen Housing Project (1988)
Nepean, Ontario
Client: Asher Christian Seniors Inc.

26 Unit Senior Citizen Housing Project(1985)
Finch, Ontario (Supervision only)
Client: Township of Finch Non-Profit Housing Corporation

32 Unit Senior Citizen Housing Project (1983)
Township of Goulburn, Richmond, Ontario
Client: Non-Profit Housing Corporation

Shearwater Court Housing Project (1982)
Ottawa, Ontario
Client: City of Ottawa & Non-Profit Housing Corporation

24 Unit Senior Citizen Housing Project (1982)
Township of Cumberland
Sarsfield, Ontario
Client: Housing Corporation

Carleton Apartments – 32 Unit Senior Citizen (1982)
Township of Goulbourn
Stittsville, Ontario
Client: Non-Profit Housing Corp.

34 Unit Senior Citizen Housing Project (1974)
Ontario Housing Corporation
City of Nepean, Ontario