Alex Trebek Alumni Hall – Adaptive Re-use

Project Architect:
Michael Kelly

Completion Date:

Project Overview:

BPA was retained by the University of Ottawa in 2009 to carry out exterior repainting and soffit repairs, some brick re-pointing, and re-roofing of the building at 155- 157 Seraphin Marion.  In order to meet current design loads for office space, additional reinforcing structural beams and columns were added in the basement.  This work was undertaken while the University of Ottawa’s Department of History occupied the building as its administrative offices.

BPA was retained again in 2013 by the University of Ottawa to re-purpose and link the two existing vacant houses (147 and 155-157 Seraphin Marion) for a new Alumni Hall Pavilion.  Given its location in a zoned heritage overlay district, this project required City of Ottawa heritage approval.  The project involved extensive interior and exterior alterations including the reinstatement of the large front porch at 155-157 Seraphin Marion.  The two buildings have now been linked and re-purposed for the new Alex Trebek Alumni Hall.